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Pisces Season Mythos & Magicks

Pisces Season Mythos & Magicks

Blessed Pisces Season!

Have you ever wondered where zodiac symbols derive from? Why the Pisces constellation depicts two fish, or what other ancient origins lie amongst the stars? Explore this post to hear from The Desert Rose Goddess Team on all things Pisces mythology & magick! ✨





✨ A note from Manager Goddess Eden, on The Mythos of Pisces…


In astrology, the zodiac is made up of twelve individual signs, with each sign representing a certain archetype, way of living, being, perceiving, doing, and expressing. We sense shifts in universal energy as the Earth travels around the Sun, and the Sun’s linear path called the ecliptic, passes in front of a succession of constellations. As the Sun journeys through the twelve signs in our cosmos, it creates one astrological season about every 30 days. February 19th through March 20th, the Sun makes its final journey in this astrological year before a new cycle begins; and this last season is Pisces! The constellation, Pisces, depicts two fish swimming together. But have you ever been curious as to why?


‘Pisces’ is Latin for fishes, and was given this name by Ptolemy, who could be known as the greatest astronomer in the Greco-Roman world, living about 1900 years ago! But like all words and symbols in our human-history, Ptolemy did not just randomly come up with this name of course; it has a deep mythological backstory, featuring one dangerous god, two lovers, and two friends…read on to learn more about the mythologies behind Pisces! 


Beginning with Typhon, Greek god and apparent resident bad boy, the mythos details a classic story of good vs evil. You see, usually gods have ‘flaws’, but deep down they’re perceived as ‘good’,  but not Typhon. With the upper body of a man, and the legs of snakes, he was a true adversary to the gods. And it doesn’t end there — his head was also a collection of snake heads grown into fiery hair...which constantly released a terrible scream...and he even had wings! Picture a terrible flying snake monster with a human face, and that’s Typhon. No wonder the other Greek gods cast him out. He was never on good terms with them, and often threatened their realm. 


One such day, Typhon traveled to Mount Olympus, where all Greek gods and goddesses reside, and placed a threat on every god on the mountain. Most gods were aware of Typhon’s wrath and what he was capable of, so they wisely fled the scene by shapeshifting into their animal counterparts. (If only we could all do this when we really need to GTFO…


The only two not shapeshifting were Aphrodite and Eros, the gods of love. And Typhon quickly closed in on the two lovers. But! At the last moment, two fish appeared and ushered Aphrodite and Eros onto their backs, managing to avoid getting caught by the monster Typhon and protecting their fates. As a means of honoring this noble deed, the two fish were placed eternally in the heavens by the Greek gods, and they became the constellation Pisces. This sign, like the two fish in their backstory, represents honor, friendship, love, trust, and nobility.


…read on to explore more histories of Pisces and the zodiac calendar!





✨ A note from Shop Goddess Geraldine, on The Ancient Babylonian Origins of Pisces in The Zodiac Calendar…

This particular story shared by Eden comes from Ptolemy, the Greek astronomer, but the mythos of Pisces dates back to even the pre Greco-roman times!


 In Syrian mythology, the fish were known as ‘Ichthyes’, and they helped save Ashtarte (the Syrian version of Aphrodite) by taking her down the river of Euphrates. All in all, these noble fish certainly deserve to exist among the stars forever, shining brightly just like those born under the light of their season. 


The Pisces zodiac can even be traced back to Babylonia (we’re talking late 5th century BC! Super far back). This ancient society made a large number of ‘cuneiform tablets’, which report astronomical observations. These tablets referred to the zodiac signs by numbers and signs, beginning with Aries and ending with pisces. In reference to Pisces, the tablet gave the name “the Field” and “the Tails”. The Babylonians used “the Tails” to predict how prosperity in agriculture would favor them.


“If Jupiter stands in the Tails: the Tigris and Euphrates will be filled with silt; there will be prosperity and abundance in the land!” - Gavin White, "Babylonian Star-lore"


Pisces was therefore an integral part of the documentation of astrology in the cuneiform tablets. This use of the zodiac calendar also sheds light on why Pisces is linked with water and creative energies! Here, we recognize a bond that has been experienced long before our time! 










✨ Shop Goddess Lacey’s Tips on Getting Along with The Pisces in Your Life…


Looking to improve relations with the Pisces' in your life? Here's some tips! 


The Pisces coworker is good-natured, sensitive, & empathetic! Although open to cooperation with others, if you ask for their help they may be hesitant to offer assistance until they have fought their own battles first. Pisces are deeply in-tune with themselves, their needs, and always remain true to themselves. They will be a great ally in the long run, but tend to take an inward turn when it comes to situations that require immediate attention. Much like the ocean, there are infinite depths to how a Pisces may handle challenges.


Trying to woo a Pisces date? They are well dressed, beauty-loving, and special! Clothing, and how you express yourself is important to Pisces, expect them to be well dressed for your date because they will expect you to be too! While beauty is appreciated by Pisces, they tend to value unusual qualities and are on the search for something special or out of the ordinary in a partner, so just be your unique self! 


The Pisces sibling is protective, nurturing and caring. Typically satisfied with their place in the family hierarchy & not overly competitive with their siblings, any rivalries with the Pisces sibling are usually low-level conflicts. They have a great need for harmony in their family unit and are likely to hurt deeply when their siblings are not getting along. Since Pisces is a water sign, they can be very in-tune with their emotions and often find the effects crossing over from their emotional field into their physical field. This unique ability also makes Pisces powerful visionaries!



✨ Pisces Supportive Crystals + Magicks, 

recommended to you by Shop Goddess Jackie, our resident DR Pisces! 



Aquamarine : peace, inspiration, trust, letting go

Jade : balance, prosperity, attraction, love 

Bloodstone : courage, vitality, strength

Black Onyx : confidence, protection, grounding 

Fluorite : Decisiveness, clarity, creativity 

Quartz : amplification, purification, spirituality

Phosphosiderite : aids spiritual growth 



Jewelry Symbolism + More!


The Siren : 


Sirens and mermaids have been part of the most thrilling stories for hundreds of years. In folklore, Pisces are often compared to sirens. Their beauty is otherworldly and their mysticism may unlock infinite potentials. A modern depiction of a siren may be a woman who is in-tune with her creative flow, mysteriously magical, and never takes no for an answer ✨




We invite you to turn inward like Pisces...take this moment to gaze into the waters of your soul, recognize the reflection of your truest, most balanced form — and what do you see? What energies might you need to fully support this vision in the outer world? 


Wishing you a joyful Pisces Season!


With Love & Gratitude, 

The Desert Rose Goddess Team 



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