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International Women's Day 2024

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International Women's Day 2024

On this International Women's Day, we delve into the essence of womanhood through the eyes of our Shop Goddesses. Did you know we are a women-owned and women-ran small business? And that we carry products made by women artists or from women-ran companies? Explore with us our favorite brands/artists as well as our mission and dreams for Desert Rose and the women who step foot in our Goddess Sanctuary.


Join us as we celebrate the diverse and powerful narratives that define womanhood and pay homage to the artists who continue to enrich our lives through their creativity and vision.




✨ From Shop Goddess Eden...

Hey there! I’m Eden :) My pronouns are she/her and I'm a Virgo Sun, Virgo Moon, and Capricorn Rising. Quite the fun mix lemme tell ya.


I started at Desert Rose shortly after She opened in Fall of 2021, and now I’m Senior Manager here in Rose Co., so you’ll see me around in both stores, Becca Rose and Desert Rose!


Personally, I think Women embody the pure energy of the Universe. Truly! I’m constantly in a state of awe of how intelligent Women are, both emotionally and logically, and how we build relationships. We are community members and we are perfect independent beings, too. Haven’t you ever thought we’re all connected somehow on a totally different level? It’s wild. I know you’ve felt that way before, so don’t deny it ;) Our magic is so simple yet so complex for others to grasp in today’s society. So, I want to encourage every Woman to be aware of this magic, and fully step into it! Even if that means starting to see the magic in nature, and how it's parallel to you. Like the Moon and our cycles as Women, we’re so in sync, it’s no coincidence. Coming into this awareness has been and continues to be one of my favorite parts about being a Woman. Even if I sound boastful. Normalize female power. And, this is what I would LOVE every Woman who steps into Desert Rose to know.


‌Someone who I think embodies this power beautifully, is jeweler Jennie Kwon. We carry her lovely line of 14K Gold jewelry in Desert Rose. A native of Los Angeles and a trained classical violinist, Jennie’s designs reflect the art, natural beauty and style that surrounds her. Each piece is meticulously designed to be graceful, balanced and wearable, with unforgettably unique accents. I recently bought myself the Tiny Emerald Ball Ring as an every-day-never-take-off piece to remind myself of my success, and the abundance that surrounds me! Did you know, during Cleopatra’s rule, she was famous for her Emerald Mines? Reportedly, Cleopatra adorned herself and her palace with emeralds and also gave them as gifts to foreign dignitaries, so I try to embody Cleo energy when I wear this piece. Explore Jennie’s line on our website, I’m sure whether it's an Emerald, Onyx, or a Diamond you’ll find your next celebratory piece, too.



✨ From Shop Goddess Lacey...

Hi! I’m Lacey, my pronouns are she/her, and I am a Cancer Sun, Virgo Moon and Capricorn Rising. I have been a Desert Rose Shop Goddess since we opened in 2021 and will celebrate my 3rd year with Rose Co. April 9th!


As a woman I love the duality of soft and hard we possess. I love that I can be endlessly loving and kind AND that I use my voice to speak up for myself and others. While we are encouraged as females to be sweet and compliant there’s a certain thrill in setting and holding a boundary. Getting to really assert who I am as a woman and existing more comfortably in my skin as I am getting older has been so healing & a real gift!


I want every person that steps into DR to know they are enough and that they deserve what they want here and out of life, to not feel limited by society’s messaging and feel free existing as they are in the world! Each of us is needed just as we are on this planet.


My favorite artist in our store is Kat who makes Worn By Warriors Jewelry. She’s the definition of a fierce female! Kat not only uses traditional metal-smithing techniques to make her jewelry but also mines most of the gemstones she uses in it! I love the nature inspired details in her pieces as well as the edginess of her jewelry style. Kat’s jewelry reflects the duality of soft & hard, rough & refined, and captures feminine ferocity and strength beautifully! If you want to feel like a bold beautiful badass woman get yourself some Worn by Warriors ;)



✨ From Shop Goddess Geraldine...

Hi! I’m Geraldine, my pronouns are she/her/hers, and I am an Aries Sun, Gemini Moon, and Gemini Rising. I have been a DR Goddess for a year and a half which has allowed me to really connect with this space!


As a woman, I love my attention to details and the way I can answer open-ended questions. If you ask me one question - you better believe I’m going to dive into the most unnecessarily, yet necessary, detail-ridden response. That deep sense of connection and community is one of my favorite parts of femininity, too, and something I have been able to hold dear and close with the Rose Co. lovelies. The ability for us to hold space for each other’s feelings and the ability to validate them is my favorite.


I want other women that come into DR to also feel comfortable to shout their worth from the rooftops. I want women to speak their truth- sometimes the things most necessary to say are the hardest ones to get out.


My favorite women-owned business in the store is Miarante, because wow!!, their pieces are mesmerizing and have such a beautiful meaning tied to Scotland. Miarante has been referred to as "an ode to the ethereal delicacy and untamed spirit of the Scottish landscape." The precious tourmaline stones and tiny diamonds are individually selected by Jenni and each piece has been inspired by the many different aspects of her homeland amongst the rugged mountains, forests and deep clear lochs of the Trossachs. Each Gaelic/Scots item name reflects a place, a mood, a history. No two stones are ever exactly alike, just as no one walk in the country will be precisely the same as the one before. I, myself, own the Clova Ring, too! The artistry is lovely regardless of the piece you eye, I highly recommend stopping by to ogle at the pieces and maybe even take one home yourself.



✨ From Shop Goddess Lilly...

Hi, my name is Lilly! The pronouns I go by are they/she (“they” is preferred, but “she” is okay!) and my big three are Sagittarius Sun, Taurus Moon, and Scorpio Rising! I have been a Desert Rose goddess for almost two months now and love it here!


I have a lot of masculine energy in my astrology chart, so working at Desert Rose has helped me tap more into my feminine side. It has made me realize that my favorite thing about being a woman is how deep of a connection that women tend to have. They say gossip is inherently “bad,” but I find what may be considered gossip to hold a bond between women to agree and converse about topics they are passionate about.


When someone comes into Desert Rose, I want them to feel that feminine connection that we all have here in the store. I want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease to the point they are not afraid to open up and make ever lasting relationships.


I think our Awe Inspired case perfectly displays how we can make those connections. The line shows the feminine energy of multiple goddesses, but the feminine energy differs between each goddess: strong, passionate, kind, devoted. With the line of Awe Inspired, we can find that connection that we all seek, whether that be through the support of the goddesses or the connections we make over the products.



✨ From Head Goddess + Store Owner Becky ...

Hi! My name is Becky and I'm the owner and founder of Becca Rose, Desert Rose, and Pelham Grayson Rose. I'm a Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon and Libra Rising. I have a grand water trine in my chart and what I want most out of my life is for you to realize how loved you are. :)  

What I LOVE about being a woman is that we are a portal for life, whether we give birth or not. I'd love to credit my friend Karen Anderson for sharing this awareness with me. 


I feel the essence of womanhood radiating out of the Mini Goddess Hoops in the beautiful shades of Green Gemstones! These gorgeous hoops are designed by Gwen, of Eden Presley Designs. She works with a rainbow of different sapphires and precious gemstones, her pieces are just stunning and so goddessy! 



All the Shop Goddesses at Desert Rose and Rose Co. wish you a joyous and beautiful International Women's Day! We will continue to celebrate each and every one of you, whether it be supporting you online or in-store!


Blessings of Abundance and Harmony,

The Desert Rose Shop Goddesses





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