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Holiday Goddess Gift Guide: 2023 Edition

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  • By Becky Mashuta
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Holiday Goddess Gift Guide: 2023 Edition

Welcome to the magical Yuletide season, Desert Rose family!

As the winter air fills with the spirit of the holidays, we invite you to discover our curated collection of 12 exquisite gifts. Sing along through the twelve days of Yule as we explore these enchanting selections, perfect for anyone who deserves a sprinkle of goddess-like grace this festive season!


1.  A Mini Selene Necklace

 ✨ "On the first day of Yule, Desert Rose presented to me, A Mini Selene Necklace, my inner goddess for all to see!”


Begin your gifting odyssey with our Mini Selene Necklace. Inspired by the Greek Goddess of the moon, this delicate piece is more than just a necklace; it's a symbol of guidance and intuition, perfect for those who carry a celestial spark within. Those who are called to Selene are known to be enchanting, amorous and ethereal. 



 2. TWO LED Taper Candles

✨ “On the second day of Yule, Desert Rose shared with me, Two LED Taper candles, lighting up the night so brilliantly!” 


Illuminate the holidays with A Box of Two LED Taper Candles. These 9.6” taper candles bring a serene and sacred aura to any space. They also have a wax coating, giving them that realistically melted look with a flickering flame. Gift them to someone who loves creating a peaceful, goddess-inspired haven in their home. 



 3. THREE Mushrooms Ring

✨ “On the third day of Yule, Desert Rose gave to me, Three Mushrooms on a Ring, adjustable and gleaming with glee!”


The whimsical Three Mushrooms Ring will transport you to far away lands where anything can happen. The details are truly delightful, and when wearing - these three generously capped mushrooms look as if they've sprouted through your fingers! Makes a great gift for any mushroom hunter or nature lover. Mushrooms are known to promote longevity, vitality, and healing. 



 4. FOUR ‘Be Our Guest’ Stud Earrings 

✨ “On the fourth day of Yule, Desert Rose adorned with grace, Four "Be Our Guest" earrings, inspired by Beauty and the Beast's enchanting embrace.”


Our Set of Four 'Be Our Guest' Stud Earrings is a treasure for the Disney lovers in your life! This set features the most enchanted crew you've ever seen. Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, and Cogsworth are all featured with the most beautifully delicate details and shimmering stones. This earring stack is designed to captivate the heart and imagination.



 5. FIVE Golden Jennie Kwon Rings

✨ “On the fifth day of Yule, Desert Rose chose so divine, Five golden Rings by Jennie Kwon, each a radiant design!”


Gift the splendor of Jennie Kwon Rings. These rings are an ode to timeless elegance, perfect for the one in your life who shines with an inner goddess-like glow. Each piece is designed by Jennie in Los Angeles, CA and feature stunning gemstones such as Black Onyx, a brilliantly powerful protection stone.



 6. SIX Goddess Candles

✨ “On the sixth day of Yule, Desert Rose offered me, Six Goddess Candles, enchanting the room with divinity!”


For the sixth day, we choose Six Goddess Candles. These candles are not just gifts; they are symbols of the divine light within us all. Ideal for those who infuse their life with warmth and inspiration. Named after Gaia, the Goddess of Earth – and Iris, the Goddess of Rainbows. Why have just one when you can enjoy an assortment of six?! 



 7. SEVEN Crystal Hearts

✨ “On the seventh day of Yule, Desert Rose shared with me, Seven Crystal Hearts, a touch of love for eternity!” 

Pocket-Sized Crystal Hearts offer a message of friendship, love and deep affection. Each heart is a thoughtful gift for those who cherish the magick of the Earth. Whether as a symbol of affection or a mindful token, this pocket-sized crystal heart serves as a heartfelt reminder of the enduring bond between giver and recipient.



 8. EIGHT Huggie Earrings

“On the eighth day of Yule, Desert Rose gave to me, Eight Huggie Earrings, embracing style so effortlessly!”

Huggie Hoop Earrings are a timeless accessory that effortlessly enhances any look. Not only do they boast a classic design that complements every outfit, but their snug and comfortable fit ensures you can enjoy sophisticated style all day long. Elevate your loved one’s collection with these versatile and enduring earrings that seamlessly blend timeless allure with unmatched comfort.



 9. NINE Crystal Female Forms

✨ “On the ninth day of Yule, Desert Rose gave to me, Nine Crystal Female Forms, dancing together in pure harmony!


The Crystal Female Forms are a captivating fusion of artistic elegance and metaphysical essence. These stunning sculptures transcend mere decor, each crystal embodying distinct energies and qualities. Whether it's the grounding strength of Brecciated Jasper, the serene beauty of Rose Quartz, or the abundant energy of Green Aventurine, these Crystal Female Forms make for thoughtful presents that combine aesthetics with personal empowerment! 



 10. TEN Moon Magic Rings

✨ “On the tenth day of Yule, Desert Rose gave to me, Ten Moon Magic Rings, adorning every finger gracefully.”

Moon Magic Rings are for those who love a little sparkle. Each ring features an assortment of stones wonderful for celebrating new beginnings or invoking inspiration! Such as Rainbow Moonstone, White Topaz, White Sapphire, Ruby, and Garnet! 



11. ELEVEN Empowering Stickers

✨ “On the eleventh day of Yule, Desert Rose shared with glee, Eleven empowering stickers, lifting women high, a tribute to strength and unity!”


Replace the ordinary with Eleven Empowering Stickers to decorate their favorite items. Just like personal tattoos, each sticker from our collection at Desert Rose carries a story and a memory. Gift these stickers to ensure that your loved ones are always reminded of you, in a fun and personal way. After all, they’ll be 'stuck' with your love wherever they go!



 12. All TWELVE Tiny Raw Birthstone Necklace Collection

✨ “On the twelfth day of Yule, Desert Rose suggested treasures so fine, Twelve Tiny Raw Crystal Birthstone Necklaces, each a gemstone divine!”


Conclude your gifting with a piece from with the Tiny Raw Birthstone Necklace Collection. Each piece in this collection connects the wearer to their birth month, making it a personalized and heartfelt gift, imbued with the mystique of the ages.



This holiday season, let each gift from Desert Rose add a touch of enchantment to your celebrations. May these 12 gifts bring joy, elegance, and a touch of divine grace to those you cherish. Happy Holidays!




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