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MEDUSA : Normalize Female Anger

MEDUSA : Normalize Female Anger

Medusa’s narrative has long since been that of the ultimate femme fatale. In other words, she is a woman who “represents a conflicting view of femininity, one that is seemingly alluring but with a threatening or sinister underside.” But truthfully, this fact is just another symptom of Patriarchal Society.


Ovid's tale of Medusa:

Before she could turn men into stone, Medusa was born one of three daughters with exquisite hair and natural beauty. As the story goes, she becomes priestess to Athena and attracts the attention of Poseidon, who ends up attacking and sexually assaulting her. After learning of Poseidon’s attraction to Medusa, Athena becomes jealous and curses her, turning her into the infamous Gorgon with a head full of snakes. Medusa then finds herself being stalked and hunted by status-seeking men, and inevitably, murdered by Perseus.

Due to the femme fatale archetype, Medusa’s story was one of renowned beauty, but has come to connote malevolence in her ‘role’ as a Gorgon. Like the Taylor Swift song, “Mad Woman”, details — there is a double standard within our society that demonizes female anger and defines it as dramatic or unnecessary.

The reality is, many brave women who come forth to share that they were assaulted are ultimately cast aside just like Medusa. By removing the femme fatal archetype from her story and normalizing female anger, we can start to deconstruct the patriarchal lens through which these stories are viewed. Maybe our critical gaze will even turn the Patriarchy to stone.



Crystals that share a connection with Medusa's energy are Obsidian, Tourmaline, Onyx, and Tiger's Eye crystals. These crystals connect with protection and strength. All these crystals provide relief to the root chakra. The root chakra is said, when balanced, to provide a drive to live and the feeling of stability and security.




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