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  • Black Obsidian | Tumbled | 20-30mm | Mexico
  • Black Obsidian | Tumbled | 20-30mm | Mexico

Black Obsidian | Tumbled | 20-30mm | Mexico

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Grounding. Inner Peace. Stress Relief.

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Properties:: Black obsidian, a volcanic glass formed from rapidly cooling lava, possesses distinctive properties widely recognized in spiritual and metaphysical realms. Its deep black color and smooth texture make it a unique and visually striking stone. Revered for its protective qualities, black obsidian is thought to absorb and dispel negative energy, creating a shield against harmful influences. Additionally, it is associated with grounding energy, fostering stability and balance. In spiritual practices, this stone is believed to enhance self-awareness, reveal truths, and facilitate personal growth through meditation. Some attribute detoxification and emotional healing properties to black obsidian, linking it to the root chakra for energy balance. While caution is advised due to its intense energy, the metaphysical properties of black obsidian remain a subject of belief and individual experience.

Zodiac:: Scorpio and Sagittarius

Chakra:: Root

Element: Fire
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