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  • Ruby Fuchsite Kyanite | Tumbled | 25-35mm | India
  • Ruby Fuchsite Kyanite | Tumbled | 25-35mm | India

Ruby Fuchsite Kyanite | Tumbled | 25-35mm | India

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These gorgeous tumbled + shaped stones have sparkling red ruby crystals in a lovely mix of blue kyanite and green fuchsite. 

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courage, insight, lucid dreaming, anxiety relief, energizing 

PROPERTIES:: Throughout time, Ruby has been known as a stone of nobility. It stimulates harmonious chi flow throughout the body and draws life force directly into the root. This highly energizes the physical, emotional, and mental bodies making Ruby an especially powerful tool for those who feel a daily lack of strength. Rubies excel at gathering and amplifying energy while promoting and stimulating mental concentration, so that one may focus energy towards a desired goal. Ruby brings out the fortitude within, giving one the courage and strength to forge ahead despite adversities. It sparks one's zest for life and encourages one to follow their passions. In situations of perceived failure or pain, the vibrations of this stone will eliminate feelings of despair and defeat, preventing unwanted energies from consuming the mind. Ruby will help anyone who experiences anxiety from lack of confidence in oneself, as well as those who constantly fear the future and change. This special stone diffuses the fear of death which stops us from doing so many things in our lives. Ruby has a very powerful effect on dreams and anyone who is trying to bring lucidity into their dream state. The energy from the Ruby is very intense and vivid, but will add understanding to the imagery depicted in our dreams. Utilizing and fully understanding the Ruby will bring forth near complete control on our dreams state.

ZODIAC:: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius 

love, compassion, calming, grounding

PROPERTIES:: Fuchsite is a stone full of love and compassionate energy that is here to rejuvenate our emotional body. This stone takes the “weight” off of our shoulders each day to provide nourishing vibrations for the body, heart, and soul. Fuchsite’s power can ease us into a very relaxed state that is perfect for someone looking to engage in deep meditation sessions. In addition to calming the emotional body, this stone will also provide mental clarity to help us connect with our inner self. By taking a deep look in the mirror, we learn what we need to let go of, as well as what it is we need to bring in. By allowing high vibrational energy to flow through our body, we will significantly help ourselves along the way. Carrying a piece of fuchsite daily can serve as a continual reminder and spark of motivation to help us find whatever it is that we may need in this world.

ZODIAC:: Aquarius
CHAKRA:: Heart

manifest, communicate, dream

PROPERTIES:: Blue Kyanite stimulates our intuition and enhances our psychic gifts. Because it can help us acclimate to a higher level of consciousness, Blue Kyanite facilitates dream work, communication with our higher self, and the spiritual guides available to shepherd us on our journey. We can try placing a piece by our bedside, or even directly on our third eye before we drift off to sleep. As our physical body falls asleep, our mind is experiencing its own nightly journey and is constantly trying to decipher the dreams and visionary details we are receiving. These may derive directly from our spirit guides or be a message from the Universe. If we find ourselves in a situation of uncertainty, we can look towards our dreams for understanding. Blue Kyanite helps us achieve our deepest desires by cutting through confusion, blockages and anger that prevent us from manifesting our dreams and finding our true purpose in life. Like every other Kyanite, Blue Kyanite shares the passive ability of not needing to be cleansed, as this stone does not absorb any unwanted energies.

ZODIAC:: Gemini, Pisces
CHAKRA:: Throat, Third Eye

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Due to Mother Nature, the product(s) you purchase will vary in color, shape, and size. The picture(s) on this page serve to give you a general image of what you are purchasing. By purchasing this item you understand it may vary in color, shape, and size from the image(s) here.

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