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Goddess Garden

Goddess Garden Workshop! 
Friday, February 9th at
Desert Rose 
9 W Main St. downtown Mystic, CT

Workshop attendees are welcome to join

us anytime between 6pm - 8pm

Tickets $30 Each





   Discover the magicks of plants + crystals combined.    
     at our first Goddess Garden Workshop of 2024!     

Embrace the enchanting energy of 2024 and awaken your inner goddess at our upcoming Goddess Garden Workshop on Friday, February 9th, from 6-8 pm at Desert Rose. This immersive experience will blend the magic of plants and crystals, allowing you to create a personalized Air Plant + Crystal Terrarium under the guidance of our expert Shop Goddess team.


Event Highlights

Customization: Choose from a diverse selection of Air Plants, Crystal Chips, and Crystal Forms to craft a unique Goddess Garden that resonates with your energy.

Energetic Themes: Select an overarching energetic theme to serve as the foundation for your Terrarium, infusing it with the vibrational frequencies that align with your intentions for the year.

Crystal Pairing: Delve into the world of crystals as you pick three empowering words for 2024 from our provided selection. With the help of our Goddess team, match each word with a rough or tumbled crystal, enhancing your Goddess Garden with inspirational energy that will accompany you throughout the entire year

Snacks and Refreshments: Indulge in a soothing cup of tea and enjoy homemade tea sandwiches crafted with love to complement your evening


Included with your Ticket
1 Custom Goddess Garden

Families/groups are welcome to build one Goddess Garden together! 
Maximum groups of four please

  • 1 Teardrop Glass Terrarium
  • Your choice of 1 Cup of Crystal Chips 
  • Your choice of 1 Air Plant
  • Your choice of 3 Rough/Tumbled Crystals

Additional Crystal forms will be available for purchase at the event.

We recommend a Crystal Mushroom,
Female Form, or Quartz Cluster to add even more magicks to your Garden!

Also for your enjoyment

  • Fresh tea and homemade tea sandwiches
  • Expert guidance from our Shop Goddess team on building the Garden that's right for you! Looking for attract or manifest a specific energy? We're here for you!
  • Freedom to stop in at any time between the hours of 6pm-8pm. Stay for as long or little as you'd like
  • Groovy Friday afternoon tunes and great vibes! 
  • Private in-store shopping! Our sanctuary is open for workshop attendees only this morning. You are welcome to shop our jewelry and other products during the event



✨ Continue your evening with a divine meal from a Goddess recommended local

restaurant! Call us for recommendations and let us book you a table! A heads-up of

two days is appreciated for us to book dinner reservations ✨