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  • Female Form | Rhodonite | 50mm

Female Form | Rhodonite | 50mm

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Soothing, Grief and Mourning, Love and Relationships

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Rhodonite "Rhod" is the Celtic word for "wheel" and this calm, warming stone brings inner balance and allows us to understand our Cosmic Purpose as we tread upon the Wheel of Life. It gives calm assurance, encourages generosity of spirit and helps to balance relationships and to understand new concepts and teaching on a heart level.

Beneficial for: Mantra-based meditation; closing metaphysical gates; confusion; doubt; confidence; excellent wound healer; insect bites; scarring; bone growth; hearing organs; fertility; emphysema; inflammation of joints; arthritis; autoimmune diseases; stomach ulcer; multiple sclerosis; tissues; flow of Qi; endocrine system; liver detoxification; metabolism; weight loss Like other stones of the Pink Ray, Rhodonite promotes the energy of love. Rhodonite takes up the process of using one’s recovered inner gifts in one’s life, for the benefit of the community; it speaks to us of our responsibility to use our skills to assist in the spiritual birth of the Earth and each other in these times of transformation. The outer-directed love engendered by Rhodonite is one of altruism and generosity, using one’s talents to bring gifts to others. As one sometimes discovers, this path of generosity often offers greater satisfaction to oneself than any amount of receiving ‘what one wants’ can give. Rhodonite attracts the people and situations best suited for the application of one’s unique talents, and in so using them, one can experience the fulfillment of the deep desire to love and be loved. This is Rhodonite’s gift– to bring more love into the world by acting as a catalyst for the fulfillment of one’s life purpose, through the expression of one’s hidden gifts. In meditation and dream work, Rhodonite can enhance the depth, clarity, and meaning of one’s inner experiences, making it easier to understand the messages behind the dreams and visions. It can provide a psychic link to the archetypal pattern of personal destiny, helping one to remain ‘on the beam,’ acting with purpose.


PROPERTIES:: Rhodonite is nicknamed the “Stone of Love” due to its ability to strengthen, stimulate and activate your heart. Rhodonite helps to promote self-love and enables you to offer love to someone else. Rhodonite can help reduce stress and anxiety, it produces generosity and joy, and provides comfort. This stone also offers clarity to inner experiences while dreaming or meditating. 


ZODIAC:: Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius
ELEMENT:: Fire, Earth
CHAKRA:: Heart, Root

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