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  • Ocean Jasper | Tumbled | 20-30mm | Madagascar
  • Ocean Jasper | Tumbled | 20-30mm | Madagascar

Ocean Jasper | Tumbled | 20-30mm | Madagascar

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Orbicular or fisheye jasper-Ocean Jasper is very soothing and helps to love one's self as well as others.

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Emotional Stability, Resolution, Motivation

PROPERTIES:: Ocean, or Orbicular Jasper, is a highly energetic stone that aids in one’s ability to access their emotions and personal will to help achieve happiness and emotional stability. Ocean Jasper can help release emotional weight and urges you to vocalize and move forward from these emotional issues. Ocean Jasper is a stone of resolution, and is the perfect stone to become more comfortable with expressing your true self. The circulars patterns on ocean jasper symbolize and help us realize that we are all interconnected and nature is a cyclical pattern. It can also help with circular breathing for healing or meditation. Being a type of jasper, ocean jasper is a very protective stone, and any orbs ("eyes") enhance this in regard to protection from the "evil eye." Physically, ocean jasper is beneficial to the digestion, digestive organs, removing toxins, and lessening body odor. Ocean Jasper is related to the heart chakra. 


Ocean Jasper is an orbicular chalcedony found only along the northwestern coast of Madagascar.  It was discovered in October 1999 by Paul Obeniche after years of unsuccessful searching.  The first two veins of the material were exhausted in 2006.  In 2013 five additional deposits were found!

Ocean Jasper is a unique mixture of quartz grains, star bursts of quartz points, and orbicular chalcedony producing spherical patterning like bull's eyes.  Trace minerals and elements famously color it in a large palette naturally.

ZODIAC:: Capricorn
ELEMENT:: Water, Earth
CHAKRA:: Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus

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