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  • Sun Cross Garnet & Chrysocolla Necklace

Sun Cross Garnet & Chrysocolla Necklace

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Sun Cross Garnet & Chrysocolla Necklace

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The perfect Southwestern style. A delicately stamped silver cross pendant hangs below a rich combination of chrysocolla and garnet, which have been knotted onto silk. Made for the free spirit at heart. Silk measures 17-18” with lobster clasp and adjustable length chain closure. Sterling silver, which has been oxidized and hand polished for an antique finish.

About Chrysocolla: The name comes from the Greek chrysos, "gold", and kolla, "glue", in allusion to the name of the material used to solder gold, and was first used by Theophrastus in 315 BCE. It's unique blue green color is unique in the mineral world, and sometimes gets confused for turquoise.  Chrysocolla is the gentlest of stones. Its main role is to soothe, calm and inspire. Its color alone is soothing with a deep blue-green which might remind you of a distant mountaintop or the stillness at the bottom of the sea.

About Garnet:  The name "garnet" may come from either the Middle English word gernet meaning 'dark red', or the Latin granatus ("grain"), possibly a reference to the pomegranate, a plant with red seeds similar in shape, size, and color to some garnet crystals.  The garnet has a long history of use in jewelry or in adorning garments.  There is evidence that the greeks were wearing garnets as signet rings beginning around 400 BC.  Garnets are mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the 12 stones of Aaron’s breastplate, as well as lighting the way for Noah’s Ark.  One of the most curious uses of garnets was during the early 1890's in India, during a rebellion in the Kashmir territory, when Hanza tribal soldiers used garnets as ammunition to fire upon British soldiers!  Native American healers believed the garnet had the power to protect the wearer from wounds and poisoning, prevent nightmares and cure depression.  Garnet is the birthstone for January.

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