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  • Selenite Triangle Plate

Selenite Triangle Plate

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Selenite Triangle Plate

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Crystals absorb energy, they amplify and transmit it, however they also have memory and the ability to be programmed. This can come in very handy for meditation and other healing practices. However, because crystal can absorb and amplify whatever energies are around the crystal, it can collect an enormous amount of negative energy. This makes it very important for the owner to occasionally cleanse the crystal's energy. I always recommend a deep cleansing of your crystals when you first purchase them. Then periodically thereafter, depending on how often you use them and where they are located.


HOUR GLASS SELENITE Metaphysical Properties- Hourglass Selenite is a unique and very rare variety of Selenite from Canada. It brings with it the normal properties of selenite; the capacity to channel spiritual feeling as well as thought transmission. When viewed under ultra-violet light, the unique nature of this unique mineral is shown. Contained within it is a hidden image of an hourglass a secret only revealed when placed under the higher frequency light of an ultra-violet lamp. This hourglass is truly spectacular and appears in turquoise (some pieces green) and violet. You will see two hourglasses depending on which set you focus on the turquoise hourglass running in one direction or the violet running in the other. There are two aspects to the hourglass image. It has forever been a symbol of 'the movement of time'. As such it adds to the selenite the capacity to link with the timeless nature of our own higher being. This aspect of the image assists particularly where the selenite is used for astral projection. (However great care should be taken in this task because you must have a defined destination and a means of returning). Perhaps a more interesting and generally useable quality, however, is that it is composed of four triangles of two different colors. The triangle carries with it the qualities associated with the trinity. This can be seen in the concepts of mother, father, child; mind, body, spirit the examples are endless. The point here is that we operate in an essentially dualistic universe which, is rapidly becoming essetrinal from the duality of our present reality we must create a new-world, a new way to love and a new way to be. The fascinating nature of this hourglass selenite is that it reminds us of the creation process happening on the inner planes (the upper triangle) which is then brought down a further level (through the lower triangle) to manifestation on this plane. Working with the violet triangles (or hourglass) evokes the violet flame of transmutation to change the present reality, or our spiritual understanding of it. The turquoise triangles (or hourglass) then takes over and channels this new understanding outwards into the world through the throat and through the media. Numerology- Hour Glass Selenite Crystals vibrate to the number 2 or Master Number 11. Gemological Properties- Selenite is also referred to as Gypsum and Alabaster. It is a hydrous calcium sulphate CaSO42H2O. Selenite is usually transparent in appearance and occurs in the monoclinic crystal system. It is very soft being a 2 on the Moe's scale of hardness. The refractive index is 1.52-1.53 and the specific gravity is 2.30.

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